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Stylish Design and Amazing
Lighting Effects

An aluminum alloy structure designed in Mecha style, this really cool lamp is going to make you feel proud of having it on your desktop-at home or in the office.

4 switchable smart RGB ambient light modes create spectacular lighting effects that are synchronized through a sound sensor with the rhythm of the music you’re listening to, or the sounds that are being played.

Natural Spectrum and
Eye-Friendly Healthy Lighting

LED lamp beads with a Color Rendering lndex (CRl) higher than 96, rendering it close to the natural spectrum,Yeslamp Ace provides eye-friendly lighting that doesn’t harm your eyesight.

Built-in Fast Wireless Charging Pad & PD Port

Yeslamp Ace can quickly charge your smart watch, mobile phone, and tablet. powering your devices while using next to no desktop space.

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