How to keep Yeslamp Evo’s clock working after disconnecting power?

A battery can be added to the the Yeslamp Evo’s clock so that the clock will continue to work after the power is removed. In order to facilitate shipping, we may not add a battery to the package. You can prepare a small battery with the model CR2032.

Install the battery as follows:

  1. Locate the battery cover on the back of the lamp.
  2. Remove the screws (that secure the cover) and remove the cover.
  3. Insert a CR2032 battery (refer to the method in the picture), then close the cover and fix it with screws.
Installing Battery for Yeslamp Evo’s Clock

Comments (2)

  1. Is the lamp supposed to stay lit up with the battery in place or does it just keep time in the background? I’ve put a new battery in mine and when I unplug it, the screens shut off, are they not supposed to keep displaying on battery power?
    1. Hi Casey, the CR2032 battery won't keep the screen on, but it will allow the lamp to keep the correct time the next time it's plugged in.

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